Are you a Someday Wanna-doer?

Someday, I’ll paint that old wooden chair. Someday, I’ll make a clock out of that big round piece of wood. Someday, I’ll “sell a million” of those…

Wanna-do Chairs

“So Many Somedays” I have spent collecting pieces and parts hoping to use them to make something grand. What I have finally realized, or was pointed out to me by my normally wonderful husband of almost 30 years, is that I was spending all my time collecting for someday and never getting around to creating any of those grand projects. Much less, if I continued collecting at the current pace, not only would I fill our barn, which I pretty much already have, but I would never get to that ever elusive “Someday”. Yes, I have enjoyed collecting these little treasures. No, I don’t regret any of the Flea Market trips, yard sales or donations from friends. That was all part of the fun for that time of my life.  But now, I am going to CLEAN HOUSE. Any pieces, parts or supplies that were gathered for a far-fetched “wanna-do” someday project or that I have lost interest in or forgotten what it was to be turned into in the first place, is going to be donated to a charity, another junker friend, or burned, since some of it really is junk! Now, I can’t say I will totally stop hunting for new finds but seriously, I am going to try and decrease this “treasure chest” of supplies drastically.

It’s going to be hard to part with some items, especially when many of them bring back such fun memories. Like the time we were in the pouring rain rummaging through the field at Crumpler’s Antiques. Or the time my sister and I spent the weekend in Hampstead at the Women’s Club Annual Christmas sale and coincidentally bought matching black dresses. Then we made a dance video to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” to proudly present to, or rather, embarrass, our families on Christmas Eve. Yes, we were in our early 50’s, and no, there was no wine involved (this time)!

We’ll have successes and failures, but isn’t that life? Just keep moving and organize a nice clean space to actually create something amazing on a “Someday” more realistically within reach.

I hope you will join me in this journey. Of course, it won’t be all about “cleaning out” because as we go along, we will surely get distracted with fun things we uncover like, favorite recipes, ideas, tips, craft projects, old photos, home décor, DIY ideas, etc. We have to remember that being a Someday “wanna-doer” is not limited to amazing craft projects. It spreads to all areas of our lives. By sharing my treasures, aka JUNK, with you, I can make my case that they were worth collecting and now move on with a clear conscious to “So Many Somedays” ahead…

(If you are a “Someday” Wanna-doer, shoot me a comment and let me know what you collect for your projects).

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