Refurbished Dining Table

Refurbished Dining Table

Is your Dining Table in need of some TLC and updating? This one surely was. It wasn’t ugly, had good bones, anyway. It was just a really off-yellow color with those standard oak chairs and after we painted the walls with creamy gray, it stood out like a sore thumb.

Dining Table and Chairs before Renovations

So, not wanting to spend big bucks to buy a new table and chairs, (how fun is that anyway when you can DIY?), we pulled the table outside and started sanding. We used the belt sander on the area around the top and the sides. The wood looked nice and we were excited thinking that we could create the pretty, dark, stained finish we had planned for the top of the table. Then, we started sanding the middle sections. Guess what the entire middle portion was made out of? That’s right. Stinking pressboard! Hopes for a “pretty” stained finish went out the window for sure!

With a grain of salt, we kept on sanding, not sure how we would proceed.

Nice Wood on the Edges, Pressboard Midsections

You know I talk about being created perfectly, imperfect all the time. Well, this is just another good example. Things don’t always, almost never, turn out exactly like you have planned. I can only think of a few instances where my DIY project started out, progressed and finished exactly like it was planned. Of course, with my ADHD, the majority of them don’t start out with an inkling of planning anyway. Why waste your time if it’s going to end up different anyway, right? I’m sure some of you Type A “planners” are freaking out about now. Sorry about that, but it’s just how I have to roll…Right into the next idea.

So, our first thought was to go ahead and stain it all and see what it looked like. We stained the edges and sides, the real wood, with Java Gel Stain and it turned out beautiful.

Then we stained the pressboard midsection. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. 😂🤣😭 It was. So bad!

And then we started drinking and the ideas got worse. Husband retreated from the project hoping I would save it before he returned. I taped off some lines to paint over thinking that if they were narrow enough, the stained stripes might still look okay in between the paint. You got it…THEY DIDN’T!

I didn’t take a picture when I pulled up the tape, because a) drinking, b) frustrated and c) it was just plain ugly!

Tired, and still 8 chairs to finish as well as fix this table, our final plan was to paint the whole stupid midsection green, like the legs and chairs were going to be. Creative, not very, but easy, right? I’m sure it could have been if I hadn’t previously tried the old “tape and paint over” plan.

I painted the table top only to have ridges on all the edges where the tape had blocked out the paint. Certainly had not looked like they were raised when I started, but trust me, they were raised enough to show, a lot.

Ok, let the paint dry, again. Sand down the ridges, really good, and paint the entire top again! Finally, after two more coats, it looked pretty smooth. Husband returned and started throwing on the polyurethane as quick as the paint dried so that if I came up with another bright idea, it would be too late! He knows me pretty well.

Now, if you want to refurbish your own table and chairs, it should be a breeze. Maybe not exactly what you had wanted in the beginning, or what you expected, or what your husband had thought you were creating, but possibly, on a good day, something even greater!

Re-Re-Refurbished Dining Table & Chairs

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