15 minute Easter Wreaths

15 minute Easter Wreaths


Do you love for your house to be decorated with

cute holiday and spring decorations, 

but no time for the hassle?


Or, do you not feel like you’ve “done it up” enough without going through the hassle?  Hmmm.  If you’re reading this blog, I’m betting that you are 100% in agreement with the first statement, much like me!  
I’ve done it both ways, and I can truly say that I enjoy the easy decorations just as much as the decorations that I have spent countless hours on in the past.  I want to sit back and enjoy time with my family, not work on fancy decorations the whole time.
In this short post, I’m going to share a quick fix for your front door wreaths.  Keep them close by after Spring, because we are going to be revamping them fairly often for the change in seasons and holidays.

Items Needed:  Easter Ornament, Plastic Easter Eggs, Cardstock, Hot Glue, 1-2 Boxwood Wreaths or Boxwood Garland, Grapevine Wreaths, Spagnum Moss. Optional: Ribbon for bows, Laminating Sheet

Odds are, you already have a Boxwood wreath(s).  If not, it’s worth the purchase.  You can find them priced reasonably at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, A.C. Moore, etc… or do like I did when I didn’t want to pay the price for two wreaths.  Buy two grapevine wreaths, (really cheap, like $3 each), some spagnum moss (couple $’s), and a Boxwood garland (maybe $6-7).  
I’m pretty sure that I did both of these wreaths with one long garland, but if you want it fuller, pick up two garlands. Hot glue the moss onto the grapevine wreath.  Cut garland in half and use wire or hot glue to arrange the Boxwood around the wreath. Add a bow, or not.  
Now you have a generic, simple, but very pretty, Boxwood wreath(s) for your door.  


Then, here comes Easter and you’ve got your nice green wreaths hanging on the front door.  Don’t you want to spruce them up a little for Spring?  Of course, you do, if it’s this easy!


  • Go to the Dollar Store, Dollar General, or Walmart and buy an adorable little chic, like I found below.  It doesn’t have to be a chic, (but he sure is cute)!  You might like a little bunny or a cross, whatever you find that is cute, cheap and speaks to you!  Chirp, chirp…  Use hot glue or wire and stick him on one of your wreaths.  When you take it off later, the hot glue might ruin the little ornament, but that’s why we buy CHEAP!  The glue will peel right off the plastic Boxwood leaves.


Sweet Fluffy Easter Chic     Isn’t he the cutest?


  • Then, pick 2-3, however many you want, plastic Easter Eggs to go on the wreath. As going with my tag line, “creating your best perfectly imperfect self,” I tried a couple of things with the eggs that just didn’t work. Originally, I was going to hot glue them together and then attach to the wreath, but they looked like ‘three eggs glued to each other and stuck on a wreath.” That was a little too imperfect, even for me. Lol. Never fear though, hot glue will peel right off plastic eggs. Note: Let hot glue cool first!

  • Decide where you want them and hot glue straight onto the plastic Boxwood.  I Much better look!

    Pretty Colored Easter Eggs

    Pretty enough, you can stop here or for just a little more hassle…

…you can add some cut outs to the wreaths.

  • If you have a Cricut, design and cut out your words.  If not, print and cut out the free printables on the Freebies page. (Coming soon).  I cut these words out of heavy cardstock.  You can coat them in waterproof Modge Podge or cover with a clear laminating sheet.

I think the words add a lot of “POP!”              

There you have it…Spruced up Easter wreaths with hardly any hassle at all!


P.S.  I’m afraid Peter Cottontail may be missing something. Lol

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