Prettier Ping Pong Table

Prettier Ping Pong Table

Prettier Ping Pong Table

If you have an old beat up Ping Pong table, one with an ugly color, or maybe you are looking just around for a “new” used one for your game room. Either way, I have good news.  It’s super easy to repaint these suckers.   Don’t go spend a bunch of money on something you can paint and re-stripe in a couple of hours. Save that cash for the hot tub fund!

Just a couple easy steps…

  • Pick your paint color.
  • Lightly sand any areas that may have water damage, scratches, etc.
Sand Ping Pong Table
Lightly sand Ping Ping table
  • Run masking tape or painter’s tape over the center line making sure to rub and press down the edges very well.   To make my job easier, which I always try to do,  I picked tape that was about the size of the stripes already on the table.  I used painter’s tape on the sides and red tape, just the right size, no idea what it is, down the middle.  I measured the center on both ends and at the mid-section to be sure the lines were straight and centered.  I didn’t see a reason to measure for the stripes around the edges of the table.  It’s close enough to regulation unless you are raising a Ping Pong Olympian in your house.  We aren’t, right now anyway.
Taped Ping Pong Table
Tape the center from one end of the table to the other and tape the edges


  • Grab that paint roller and go to it.  Paint right over the tape.  Let dry a little, until you can touch lightly without smudging.  
  • Then put on a second coat.


Painted Ping Pong Table
Nice and Smooth

Now for the really satisfying part…

  • After you are sure the paint is dry, probably 20-30 minutes, start removing the tape.  Even if the white stripes aren’t perfect yet, it’s so cool seeing the contrast of the lines and the table and also knowing you are almost done!
Ping Pong Table
Paint job after removing tape for stripes

As you can see if you look closely, my tape was not exactly the size of that middle stripe.  Another fine example of being “perfectly, imperfect”.

Ping Pong Table Lines

So, I got out a small paintbrush and a ruler. Using the straight edge, I painted in the green with my black paint moving down the stripe until all the green paint was covered. While I had the ruler and little paintbrush handy, I washed them off, then took some white paint and touched up any places on the stripes that needed to be refreshed.

Easy Ping Pong Table Project

I didn’t take a picture after the net was put back on, but I think you can see how much better this Ping Pong table looks in our game room.  So, if you have an old table, hopefully you are inspired to spruce it up.  And if you are on the lookout for a new, old table, look for a cheaper one knowing that you can have it looking like new in one afternoon.

Now, get out your paddles and have some fun!


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