Perfectly, Imperfect Deviled Eggs

Perfectly, Imperfect Deviled Eggs

So this was the beginning of what was to be the perfect boiled egg recipe. If you missed the recipe, check out Easy Peasy Boiled Eggs. The Pioneer Woman knows her stuff and this is the first time my boiled eggs peeled easily and turned out perfect. However, that’s where the perfection ended for me.
Boiled eggs

I was planning to use my perfect boiled eggs to make Deviled Eggs. I cut them, scooped out the cooked yolks, put them in the mixer, added mayo, a little vinegar, pepper and evidently, a whole lot of salt! Yep, too much salt for sure. So, I did the only thing I could do and tested out the Pioneer Woman’s boiled egg recipe again in order to add 4 more eggs to the mix.

Well, the second test proved that her process was not a fluke, they came out perfect again. So, I added the extra yokes, missed it all up hoping to dilute the salt, and was ready to fill the eggs.  I have found that putting the mixture in a pastry bag or small ziploc bag, cutting the bottom corner and squeezing into each egg, is the easiest way to make the prettiest eggs.  However, I only had large ziploc bags so I decided to try plastic wrap instead. BAD IDEA!  I’m always here to tell you things not to try.  Lol. The plastic wrap does not hold up to the squeezing pressures and you end up with mess like this…

It’s much better to use a ziploc bag that is too big!

And hopefully, your eggs can end up like this

(with the exception of the two ugly ones).  

Can you find them?  Lol

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