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Free Ebook

In Case You Forget

This little book is filled with words of wisdom from a parent to her children. It was written as the author’s children were grown, in their mid 20’s.  She started to wonder if she had taught them enough about “life”.  Had she passed on traditions and lessons from her parents? Had they listened and learned? Had they listened and forgotten? Had they been too young to even understand? Would they remember to tell their children?  

So, to be confident that she had done all in her power to share these bits of wisdom with her children, she decided to write a book.  This way they would have it all in one place and hopefully, pass it on to their children, adding new bits of wisdom along the way.  

Now, she could relax knowing for certain that the knowledge has been shared and if by any chance, forgotten, they would have this little book from their mother to remind them.

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing with your family. You may want to add your own words of wisdom!  If so, I’d love for you to share those with me in the comments or email [email protected]

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