Finger Crocheted Bracelets

Finger Crocheted Bracelets

Hi, friends!

I was out of work with a sore throat, not feeling like getting into a long, thought out project.  I had been saving T-shirts for months for goodness knows why.  It was either time to throw them away or recycle them into something fun!  So, let’s make some pretty finger crocheted bracelets!

My daughter & I have been wanting to go to one of those “Crochet a Blanket with your Arms” workshops.   We just haven’t been able to find a time to go.  So, I have this bright idea that if I can learn to arm crochet, we will have our own sip and crochet night at home and I’ll be the teacher!  

Start small…

My thoughts are to start small…which is not always the case with me, by learning to finger crochet bracelets out of t-shirt yarn.  Baby steps compared to the blanket, but you have to start somewhere.  If we never get to the blanket, then at least we can sit around sipping wine and finger crocheting bracelets!  If only you didn’t have to have your hands all tied up in yarn.   

Create your own T-shirt yarn…

I found this awesome tutorial by Crafting with KC showing how to make t-shirt yarn. So,  this is where I started.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the t-shirt before I made it into yarn, but it was just your regular, old, Walmart $3.00, possibly vintage (lol), ribbed tank top.  I had no problem following her tutorial at all.  In about 15 minutes, I made this beautiful ball of t-shirt/tank shirt yarn.  It’s amazing how much yarn you can create from one tank top, even with  being an X-large.  (We all know Walmart sizes run small, right)?

T-shirt yarn
Homemade Ball of T-shirt Yarn

Crochet a bracelet…

So, next baby step, finger crochet a bracelet from that beautiful ball of t-shirt yarn.  I followed this amazing tutorial by V and CO .  Did you even know that you can 2, 3 OR even 4 finger crochet?  I didn’t.  I started with 4, but should have started with 2, which most normal people would have done anyway.

The 2 finger crocheted bracelet was really easy.  The only problem that I had following the instructions, was the lead piece that you start out holding between your pointer finger and thumb, you don’t continue to hold it as you crochet.  It’s just to get started.  Let it flop behind your hand.  If you hold it the whole time, it’s okay, but you end up with a cylinder instead of a chain.  I couldn’t figure out why my project wasn’t lying flat and didn’t look like the one in the pictures.   Other than that, simple and easy.

T-shirt bracelet
T-Shirt Bracelet #1

Usually, the first time you try something, it’s not your best work.  I did it again, with 2 fingers.  Folks, this literally took less than 10 minutes, probably more like 5 after I got the hang of it.  The second one looked different.  I followed her instructions better and kept the yarn pulled tighter as I crocheted.  It ended up with a tighter woven knit. Even though the other one was loose knit, it was still pretty, just different.  

Bracelet #1 on top – Loosey Goosey (LOL, see last picture!)
Bracelet #2 on bottom – Tightly Woven

These bracelets would be perfect for rainy day projects, summer vacation, birthday parties, craft bazaars, etc…  I would recommend probably ages 10-100 (unless you have arthritis, then it would be a pain)!  

Quest to arm Crochet…

I will definitely be making more t-shirt yarn and finger crocheted bracelets in my quest to learn how to arm crochet.  (Note: I said in my quest…I’m not totally committing to the arm crocheted blanket project yet).  But, there’s still a lot of that yarn ball left and many other pretty colored old t-shirts that need new life!  It’s almost addictive.  Like, if I didn’t have any old t-shirts saved up, I might even go clean out my closet to find some!  Two birds with one stone, right? 

I did say birds, not ducks!  Gotta give a little love to my model!

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