Easy Cricut Dimensional Project

Easy Cricut Dimensional Project

EatHello friends!

I was playing around with my Cricut Explore the other day and wanted to try something new.  The Cricut Explore is not designed to cut wood like the new Cricut Maker even though it will cut some thin balsa wood and cardboard. I haven’t had much luck with the heavier materials and usually end up cutting part of the design with the utility knife.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Cricut, but I wanted to find a way to create some dimension in my projects without the extra manual cutting.

Love my Cricut Explore!

After a few flops and experiments, this project turned out great, super easy and really quick to make.  I figured if I could help you create your own easy dimensional project and inspire you to create other projects using this technique, it was “blog” worthy.  Get ready…set…go…done!  It’s that easy and super cheap!

  • Grab a scrap piece of black vinyl
  • Set dial to “Vinyl”
  • Cut
  • Weed excess vinyl then press clear contact paper onto cut vinyl.
  • Rub and and lift letters with contact paper.Using same cut pattern:
  • Select a piece of white craft foam.  The one I used had adhesive on the back, which is really cool.
  • Set your dial to “Custom”, find “Craft Foam” in the list, then choose “More” pressure.
  • Cut
  • Weed excess craft foam

Cricut Mats

  • Take black letters attached to clear contact paper and place on top of white craft foam letters.  Be sure to offset slightly to the right so white edge shows behind black letters. Remember, the whole idea behind this post is to learn how to create depth to our projects.
  • Rub with “rubbing thingy” (not sure what it’s called, lol) or a credit card will work just as well.
  • Remove clear paper slowly making sure letters stay attached to craft foam.

  • All that’s left to do is to take a frame, remove fake people picture
  • Peel and attach “eat” letters directly to glass/plastic cover or glue them if you didn’t use adhesive craft foam


Now, if aren’t into the minimalistic brown cardboard background or you want to change the background for the season, etc., easy peasy!  Just insert a piece of scrapbook paper or whatever you like, into the picture frame.  That’s the beauty of putting the letters on the front and not inside the frame.

I know you are thinking that’s a lot of instructions for a simple project like this and you would be correct. It took way more time describing the project than the project takes to make, for certain.  I wrestled through the mistakes first, then took the time to write out the easiest steps for you so you could just jump in and create your own dimensional project in very little time.

I would LOVE to see your projects trying out this technique!

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