Create a Totally Spontaneous & Spooky Halloween Graphic on Glass

Create a Totally Spontaneous & Spooky Halloween Graphic on Glass


So, you’ve found my blog.  I’m really excited to have you, but just a warning  if you haven’t read “Let’s be Friends”, which is a little background on me, you might better head on over there before you start this project. I’m not about long, drawn out, perfect projects created in a wonderful workshop or delightful craft room, even though it would be cool if I had one! Most of my project details are not well thought out but more, “I have a few minutes and some black paint, so I think I’ll paint a spiderweb on a window pane.” Which is exactly what I started thinking about today on my way home from work. So, if you want some “haphazard” instructions on how to create your own impromptu Halloween glass painting, here we go…

1. Find a piece of glass. It can be out of a picture frame, an old window pane, or even a glass table cover. You can always scrape it off after Halloween like I did last year. Check out the picture at the end of the blog.

2. If it needs cleaning, clean it a little. I don’t do windows, so I didn’t scrape off the paint from the edges of my window pane and besides, that gives it some character. Stick with easy!


3. Find a graphic that you like online or freehand if you chose. However, you will need to draw the picture in reverse, so I would probably suggest you save your artistic ability for other projects. Size the graphic and flip or reverse the design to print. If you use a computer, copy pic into Paint and flip horizontally. If you’re using an iPad or tablet, export to Word and reverse. Many printers also have a “mirror image setting” you can select. Then Print.


4. Place your reversed printout under the glass, backside up. You will be drawing on the backside. Use a white marker to trace over the design. Easy, right?


5. When design is fully traced on the back of your glass, use black spray paint, cheapest that you can find, and spray the back of the glass right over the white that you just traced.

Make sure you have a fancy paint area, like me. Lol The good old ground works well and is very convenient.


6. Don’t peek until the black paint is fully dry.

Okay, now! VOILA!    

Amazing how sharp the white marker shows up in front of the black paint.  Now, isn’t your totally spontaneous & spooky Halloween project just adorable?

Here’s a pic of the round glass table top I did last year.


I’d love to see your projects. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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