Create a Life Saving, Time Saving, Thanksgiving NoteBook

Around ten years ago, I started filling my Halloween and Christmas notebooks, so I don’t know why I just thought about creating one for Thanksgiving this year. Unless, maybe, I was waiting on you so we could create ours together! Good excuse for procrastinating anyway.

But seriously, you can create your Thanksgiving notebook right now and it will save you so much time and stress, not only this year, but in the years to come. You will be so proud and relieved next year when you open your notebook up and Thanksgiving is already planned and under control. Just follow your organized notes and recipes so you can relax and enjoy the preparation of food, the festivities and time with your friends and family. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This is actually a very simple project to accomplish and you only need a couple of items to get your holidays organized forever.

First, get a cheap three ring notebook. I prefer the notebooks with a clear pocket on the front where you can slide in a picture. When I pull out the notebook, it makes me happy to see the cover and brings me joy in knowing how easy this is going to make my holiday. 


1. Let your children draw a picture each year and slide it in and the clear pocket, over the old one. So much fun to look back year after year at the different pieces of artwork they have created.

2. Print out a Thanksgiving family photo on 8.5 x 11 copy paper and change yearly.

3. Print a favorite blessing, quote or graphic on 8.5 x 11 copy paper and insert.

4. Use a piece of pretty scrapbook paper in the clear pocket.

5. Leave it empty if you choose, but that’s not fun or very pretty. Remember, pretty can be really quick and easy, just go for it!

Second, you will want a pack of three hole punch, clear, letter sheet protectors. You can create your notebook without them, but I’m a really messy cook so for Thanksgiving, sheet protectors are a must for me.Third, grab some 8.5 x 11 copy paper for printing, writing recipes or notes.

THAT’S IT! I know it’s hard to believe that with so little expense and using time and resources that you have to use right now anyway, you can simplify your holiday season now and for years to come! Just trust me, you won’t be sorry.


Write out your menu, make a copy and file behind current one so that if you share cooking duties you can add names beside the items. If it is different next year, you have a blank menu (without name assignments) for the next Thanksgiving.



After you have created your cover, which I usually spend too much time and thought on, and your Menu, start collecting the recipes that you use every year. Print, copy or write all of them, slide into clear sheet protectors and BOOM! you have all of them together and don’t have to go through that dreaded pre-Thanksgiving recipe hunt ever again.

If you find new recipes or run across a really special one, like below, you have a three ring binder, just add them as you go.

Good Tip: Go ahead and put several empty clear protectors in your notebook so you don’t have to try and find them or buy new ones if you want to add recipes.



Make your grocery list, make a clean copy for next year, and place in a clear pocket folder. This will save you hours of trying to recreate a list of things you basically need every turkey day! How many Thanksgivings have you not needed to buy pumpkin, turkey, whip cream or wine? You could probably leave wine off the list because I’m pretty certain you would never forget that anyway. But just in case, put it on there…

That’s pretty much the scoop on how to make your Thanksgiving planning a breeze. You can add some “WOW” factors, but those are the necessities. For my Halloween and Christmas notebooks, I usually print out a collage page of pictures, insert into a clear sheet, and add to the notebook, just because it’s fun. But, wIth or without the additions, you have basically just made yourself a magical time saving, life saving, Thanksgiving notebook to keep and add to as long as you have the awesome responsibility of directing this special day for your friends and family.

If you are like me, and I know many of you, so I know you are (lol), I feel like I spend most of my days looking for “things”. Let’s get it together this Thanksgiving so that next year’s Thanksgiving plans will be all in one place, ready to execute with no stress.

Now, if only we can remember where we keep these magical notebooks…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your families!


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