Pretty Napkins

How to Fold a Pretty Napkin in less than 20 Words

Don’t just hap-hazardly fold those cloth napkins and stuff through a napkin ring when this method is so quick and simple.  Plus, they will all be folded alike and very pretty. 

Lay the square napkin out flat

Flat Napkin

Fold in half

Half Napkin
Fold in half again

Quarter Napkin
Slide napkin rings on

Napkin Ring

Napkin Rings

Done!  (17 words, to be exact).  😝 

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Pumpkin Cookies

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Crock Pot Mac n’ Cheese

Compliments of Junk Gyspy

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15 minute Easter Wreaths


Do you love for your house to be decorated with

cute holiday and spring decorations, 

but no time for the hassle?


Or, do you not feel like you’ve “done it up” enough without going through the hassle?  Hmmm.  If you’re reading this blog, I’m betting that you are 100% in agreement with the first statement, much like me!  
I’ve done it both ways, and I can truly say that I enjoy the easy decorations just as much as the decorations that I have spent countless hours on in the past.  I want to sit back and enjoy time with my family, not work on fancy decorations the whole time.
In this short post, I’m going to share a quick fix for your front door wreaths.  Keep them close by after Spring, because we are going to be revamping them fairly often for the change in seasons and holidays.

Items Needed:  Easter Ornament, Plastic Easter Eggs, Cardstock, Hot Glue, 1-2 Boxwood Wreaths or Boxwood Garland, Grapevine Wreaths, Spagnum Moss. Optional: Ribbon for bows, Laminating Sheet

Odds are, you already have a Boxwood wreath(s).  If not, it’s worth the purchase.  You can find them priced reasonably at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, A.C. Moore, etc… or do like I did when I didn’t want to pay the price for two wreaths.  Buy two grapevine wreaths, (really cheap, like $3 each), some spagnum moss (couple $’s), and a Boxwood garland (maybe $6-7).  
I’m pretty sure that I did both of these wreaths with one long garland, but if you want it fuller, pick up two garlands. Hot glue the moss onto the grapevine wreath.  Cut garland in half and use wire or hot glue to arrange the Boxwood around the wreath. Add a bow, or not.  
Now you have a generic, simple, but very pretty, Boxwood wreath(s) for your door.  


Then, here comes Easter and you’ve got your nice green wreaths hanging on the front door.  Don’t you want to spruce them up a little for Spring?  Of course, you do, if it’s this easy!


  • Go to the Dollar Store, Dollar General, or Walmart and buy an adorable little chic, like I found below.  It doesn’t have to be a chic, (but he sure is cute)!  You might like a little bunny or a cross, whatever you find that is cute, cheap and speaks to you!  Chirp, chirp…  Use hot glue or wire and stick him on one of your wreaths.  When you take it off later, the hot glue might ruin the little ornament, but that’s why we buy CHEAP!  The glue will peel right off the plastic Boxwood leaves.


Sweet Fluffy Easter Chic     Isn’t he the cutest?


  • Then, pick 2-3, however many you want, plastic Easter Eggs to go on the wreath. As going with my tag line, “creating your best perfectly imperfect self,” I tried a couple of things with the eggs that just didn’t work. Originally, I was going to hot glue them together and then attach to the wreath, but they looked like ‘three eggs glued to each other and stuck on a wreath.” That was a little too imperfect, even for me. Lol. Never fear though, hot glue will peel right off plastic eggs. Note: Let hot glue cool first!

  • Decide where you want them and hot glue straight onto the plastic Boxwood.  I Much better look!

    Pretty Colored Easter Eggs

    Pretty enough, you can stop here or for just a little more hassle…

…you can add some cut outs to the wreaths.

  • If you have a Cricut, design and cut out your words.  If not, print and cut out the free printables on the Freebies page. (Coming soon).  I cut these words out of heavy cardstock.  You can coat them in waterproof Modge Podge or cover with a clear laminating sheet.

I think the words add a lot of “POP!”              

There you have it…Spruced up Easter wreaths with hardly any hassle at all!


P.S.  I’m afraid Peter Cottontail may be missing something. Lol

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February 14th


Valentine’s Quickie


Now, now, get your head out of the gutter.

We’re talking Valentine decorations, here! 

I’m almost embarrassed to show you how quick and simple these little decorating ideas are, but that’s what I am about, quick and easy. There you go again, head in the gutter!

We don’t have a big Valentine’s Day party, so I don’t see any reason to spend a lot of time decorating the house. However, I enjoy having a little holiday decor around for our own personal pleasure. It just makes me happy!

Decorative Heart Tags

In the picture above, I just took patterned pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out hearts with a hole on one side.  I used my Cricut, but truly, how hard is it to cut out a heart and punch a hole? Then I cut a piece of twine and threaded through the hole in the heart.

You can spruce up your table so many ways with these Valentine patterned hearts.

  • String the heart and tie around your mug handles.
  • Tie the twine in a bow and lay the heart on your plates.
  • String the twine through the hole and tie a knot, then stick the heart in the middle of your napkin ring.
  • Pull the string through the hole and tie around your pretty napkin.  (Can even use a paper napkin).  

I think you can handle these quick, but festive and pretty decorations, very easily!

Hand-Inked Napkins

Make your own hand-inked napkins. I promise, you can do this.  Buy plain white or off white muslin.  It’s very cheap so go ahead and get a couple yards. I’m sure you’ll want to use it to make another set. Measure and cut accurately, or you can do it my way.  Decide about how wide you want the napkins, make a little snip, grab and rip!  I love the sound of ripping fabric. Then snip and rip the size you want and use it to measure, snip and rip the rest.  Lay napkin out and using a rubber stamp and a permanent fabric ink pad, STAMP and BOOM!  Pretty napkins!

There are lots ways you can display your napkins on your table.

  • Lie napkin on top of napkin ring, then push fabric down in the middle of the ring.  Wiggle fabric around until you are happy with the fluffy arrangement.
  • Roll napkin lengthwise towards the middle and slide napkin ring to the middle.
  • Fold napkin over and tie twine in a bow around the middle. (bottom right, first collage)
Your hand-inked napkins will make your table look very impressive.

Mood Lights

Nothing sets a better mood than lighting and the easiest of all decorations, unless you are putting them on a tree, are string lights. I bought the red set 75% off after Christmas. Nice!  And the white lights, well, if you read my blogs, you may remember that I put them up at Christmas and have just enjoyed them so much, I haven’t taken them down. I don’t feel like it has to be a holiday to have mood lighting! Am I wrong?

A Few Extra Touches

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope this post has given you some quick and easy inspiration for your Valentine’s decor (and maybe a few hints for your Valentine as well). Lol.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Everyday!

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“All the Stockings were Hung” Pop-up Party

My birthday is December 13th. Many people that are born in December don’t really like their birthday being that close to Christmas, but I’ve always loved it. When I was young, we would go out to dinner, which we only did on special occasions, then come home to enjoy cake and decorate our Christmas tree. It’s crazy but I just realized while writing this post at almost 55 years old, that the remaining days would be the “12 Days of Christmas.” I bet my mother knew that all along.

Today, I can’t imagine waiting until the 13th of December to decorate our tree. I dread the process of getting out the decorations and creating another mess in the house, but usually try to get started the weekend after Thanksgiving. My kids are grown and “Thanksgiving is at MY house” (, not Christmas, so every year I think maybe I won’t pull all of the decorations out.

Then I get to the ornament box and everything changes as I pull out the precious ornaments given to my children by my Mom every year since 1991, the Christmas before my daughter was born in January, until Christmas 2005, her last Christmas with us. Then the ornaments that my faithful sister has given my children every year since they were born. That’s a trait I do not have, consistency. My sister finds the perfect ornament for whatever phase of life they are experiencing. A driver’s license at 16 years old, basketballs & volleyballs (good for several years for both kids, lol), beach themes while they were attending college in a beach town and at younger ages, airplanes, water-skiing or Star Wars.

Before you know it, I get all excited, start surfing Pinterest, making new crap, cutting tree branches for arrangements and doing those spontaneous, procrastinating projects.  

After all this creating and decorating, it occurs to me that we, as empty nesters, are pretty much the only ones here over Christmas except a few short visits from our kids. It seems a shame not to invite our family and friends over for my birthday but I just do not feel ready. (Not sure that I ever feel ready, though). The house needs cleaning, the coffee table doesn’t match the other furniture, the paint on the windows needs to be scraped off and blah, blah, blah. I just didn’t feel capable of getting it done.

But you know what? God gave me such a blessing last Friday; a beautiful, snowy, afternoon at home.

Now, at this point I still wasn’t thinking “Pop-up Party”.  I just felt like I might be able to finish my new napkin rings and possibly get the den straightened up enough that we could relax and enjoy the snowy evening.

Then it got dark.

The snow was glistening outside, my dining table was decorated, the tree lights were twinkling, and the lit wreaths were shining on the stairway. That, is when I decided to have a “Pop-up Party” for my birthday and Christmas. Pretty spontaneous, right?

I started creating a checklist in my head. “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung….” OH CRAP! “Where the heck are the stockings?”

Tree decorated
Mantle decorated
Front door wreaths (lights are a little half-a**ed)
Icicle lights (still up from last year)
Newly painted Christmas pillow
New dough ornaments made
New napkin rings done

                          But, “Where the heck are the stockings?”

Pop-up Party planning off to a rocky start!  Go ahead and send out email invites anyway.

Pop-up Party @ the Parks’ House

No gifts please, come as you are, drop in after work, before or after shopping or shop online at our house! Bring some cookies or wine or come empty-handed. I just want to spend time surrounded by friends and family, Christmas lights and laughter.

My house will not be spotless, my dog will be barking, my two grand puppies will be running around, my son will have to visit thru Facetime, but all will be merry and bright for this evening, “stockings hung by the chimney” or not.

I challenge you this Christmas to let your guard down a little.  Invite people into your home and share your blessings with them. Their presence will bless you. They will not judge you, but instead appreciate you for including them in your “real” life.

Now, I’ve got to go find those darn stockings send out some evites. Happy Birthday to me and Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Thanksgiving Prep

Create a Life Saving, Time Saving, Thanksgiving NoteBook

About ten years ago, I started my Halloween and Christmas notebooks, so I don’t know why I just thought about creating one for Thanksgiving. The only reason I can come up with is that maybe I was waiting on you so we could create it together! Sounds like a good excuse for my procrastinating anyway.

But seriously, you can create your Thanksgiving notebook right now and it will save you so much time and stress, not only this year, but in the years to come. You will be so proud and relieved next year when you open your notebook up and Thanksgiving is already planned and under control. Just follow your organized notes and recipes so you can relax and enjoy the preparation of food, the festivities and the extra time with your friends and family. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This is actually a very simple project to accomplish and you only need a couple of items to get your holidays organized forever.

  • First, get a cheap three ring notebook. I prefer the notebooks with a clear pocket on the front where you can slide in a picture. When I pull out the notebook, it makes me happy to see the cover and brings me joy in knowing how easy this is going to make my holiday.


1. Let your children draw a picture each year and slide it in and the clear pocket, over the old one. So much fun to look back year after year at the different pieces of artwork they have created.

2. Print out a Thanksgiving family photo on 8.5 x 11 copy paper and change yearly.

3. Print a favorite blessing, quote or graphic on 8.5 x 11 copy paper and insert.

4. Use a piece of pretty scrapbook paper in the clear pocket.

5. Leave it empty if you choose, but that’s not fun or very pretty. Remember, pretty can be really quick and easy, just go for it!

  • Second, you will want a pack of Letter Sheet Protectors with 3 holes for the binder.  You can create your notebook without them, but I’m a really messy cook so sheet protectors are a must for me.  Good Tip: Go ahead and put several empty clear protectors in your notebook so you don’t have to try and find them or buy new ones if you want to add recipes.
  • Third, grab some 8.5 x 11 copy paper for printing, writing recipes or notes.

THAT’S IT! I know it’s hard to believe that with so little expense and with time and resources that you are already using to get ready for Thanksgiving, you can simplify your holiday season now and for years to come! Just trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Now it’s time to fill it up with great recipes and fun ideas


Write out your menu then make a copy to file behind the current one so that if you share cooking duties you can add the person’s name beside the items they will prepare.  This way, if the people are different or want to bring other dishes next year, you will have a fresh, clean menu to start your planning.



After you have created your Cover (which I usually spend way too much time and thought on) and prepared your Menu, start collecting the recipes that you use every year. Print, copy or handwrite them and then slide into the clear sheet protectors.  BOOM!  All of your family’s favorite recipes are together and you won’t waste all that time hunting for them (especially since you haven’t cooked a real meal since last Thanksgiving, or maybe just since Christmas).  Oh, maybe that’s just me!  🤔

If you find new recipes or run across a really special one, like below, you have a three ring binder, just add them as you go.

Email & Recipe from Mom, 2000


Make your grocery list, make a clean copy for next year, and place in a clear pocket folder. This will save you hours of trying to recreate a list of things you basically need every Turkey Day! How many Thanksgiving Days have you not needed to buy pumpkin, turkey, whip cream or wine? You could probably leave wine off the list because I’m pretty certain you would never forget that anyway. But, just in case, put it on there…

That’s pretty much the scoop on how to make your Thanksgiving planning a breeze!

You can add some “WOW” factors, but this will get you started with the necessities. For my Halloween and Christmas notebooks, I usually print out a collage page of pictures, insert into a clear sheet, and add to the notebook, just because it’s fun. But, wIth or without the additions, you have basically just made yourself a “magical time saving, life saving, Thanksgiving” notebook to keep and add to as long as you have the awesome responsibility of directing this special day for your friends and family.

If you are like me, and I know many of you, so I know you are (lol), I feel like I spend most of my days looking for “things”. Let’s get it together this Thanksgiving so that next year’s Thanksgiving plans will be in one place, ready to execute with no stress.

Now, if only we can remember where we keep these magical notebooks…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your families!

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Thanksgiving is at MY House

Thanksgiving is at MY house, which is totally fair since we spend two days of Christmas frolicking at my sister’s beautiful house. However, Thanksgiving is at my house and it comes first, fast and right after a fun, easy, little night of Halloween festivities, which does not require a big meal with lots of family; only candy, drinks and a few spooktacular friends.  So here it is a couple weeks away and you want to give Thanksgiving all the attention it deserves, but Christmas ads are already running on TV, the 30’ tree has been delivered to Biltmore House and you have to RSVP to the company Christmas party.


Thanksgiving is at MY house and if I have to clean up, buy groceries, pull rarely used pots, pans and dishes out of storage, then we are going to pause… and focus on Thanksgiving.

If you want to skip over Thanksgiving and move on to Christmas, I guess you’ll just have to celebrate somewhere other than MY house. We will be enjoying each other’s company and giving thanks for the many blessings God has given us until the last piece of Pumpkin Pie has been devoured!

So, that being understood, I’m going to give you a few fun, easy to do, easy to clean up and put away ideas for your Thanksgiving celebration so that you can quickly move on to Christmas AFTER your Turkey Day dinner without feeling like you’ve cheated Thanksgiving…

1. Have a chalkboard available for your guests to write things that they are thankful for this year. Since you can’t keep chalkboard writing, just snap a picture for memories and erase! Easy, easy! Ready for your Christmas quote!

2. Use Fall colored Christmas balls, which are already available in every color imaginable, and put little clear sticky dots on the bottom (the ones you use to keep items from scratching your furniture). Cut slips of cardstock or scrapbook paper and supply a black sharpie for your guests to share a blessing, prayer request or Thanksgiving praise. Use a piece of clear tape to attach the note onto the wire ball hanger or punch a hole in the paper and tie to the wire ball hanger.

3. Buy a cheap roll of brown contractor’s paper at the hardware store and cut placemat size pieces. Don’t take time to measure; you know that’s not my style. When you have one about the right size for your table, use it to get the others pretty close to the same size. Then, take a sharpie and draw squiggles around the edges, write Bible verses or quotes, use a stamp or draw turkeys on your placemats (if you have more artistic ability than this girl). Crumble up and toss after Thanksgiving dinner!

4. Buy an old tray at Goodwill, a thrift shop, or more likely, use one from your secret stash of Someday Wannado craft supplies. Paint the center with chalkboard paint. Let dry. Write on. So simple, I’m sure you didn’t need me to figure that one out. Erase and get ready for “# of Days ‘til Christmas”!

Now, I can’t help you much with the “big” family meal, but if you are supplying the location and the fabulous décor, maybe you can do like I do and have your guests bring their “specialty” dish that ONLY they can make (wink, wink)!

Then, PRAY. EAT. ENJOY… Thanksgiving at MY house is almost over and now we can get excited for the next big thing, my birthday (lol).  Seriously, more importantly, Christmas (which is not at MY house)!!!

Simple and Sophisticated Halloween Table Decor

You can make decorative Halloween plates without a creative bone in your body!


Do you love those eery, farmhouse type Halloween plates you’ve been seeing around fancy shops like Pottery Barn? What if you could make four of your own in less than 30 minutes for practically nothing? That’d be awesome, right? It’s almost embarrassing how easy this project is, but since I’m all about giving you fast, little, awesome project ideas that you can squeeze in between the details of your busy life, here goes…

I really like the simple black and white plates for my kitchen, so I started looking around and saw them priced anywhere from $4.99 a plate at a local discount store, to $12.99 a plate at Pottery Barn. That’s not totally outrageous, but I wanted four and just couldn’t justify buying them when I already have Halloween decor galore! But, I still wanted them.

So, I did the only thing I could do, made them myself. You can certainly do the same and create your own totally awesome table for the Halloween season.

1. Gather up some white plates and wipe with alcohol to clean. I used the same ones that I have on my table all year long. After Halloween, I’ll just de-decorate them or re-decorate them for Thanksgiving! You can also find these for about $1 at thrift stores, Big Lots, or Dollar Tree.

2. I have a Cricut cutting machine, so I picked 4 simple Halloween silhouettes to cut out of scrap pieces of Oracal 631-651 black vinyl. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can just print out a few patterns, trace onto black paper & cut out with scissors or just buy some cutouts that will fit your plates at the Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby. If you do the latter, just use some rubber cement and glue them on your plates. Remember that they are for decorative use only. I don’t think the paper will wash well. And, BOOM, you’re done! If you use vinyl, just a couple more steps to go, but you will be able to use and hand wash the plates if necessary.

3. Weed out the open areas of your pattern, ie. eyes in a skull. Take clear contact paper or transfer paper and place over your design, one at a time, and rub with a credit card until you can lift it off the backing.

4. Holding the clear contact paper with your design on it, hover over plate your design is where you want to place it. Lay it down and rub with credit card. Lift clear paper a little to see if it is sticking, if not, rub a little more, if so, BOOM you’re done too!

It doesn’t get much quicker or easier than this. Just think how impressed your friends will be when they see your totally, awesome, sophisticated Halloween plates and you get to tell them that you created them yourself! (You don’t really need to elaborate on how quick and easy it was, unless it’s a good friend that wants to make her own cool, eery plates)!