American Red Cross

American Red Cross

It’s the least we can do…#GiveNow

My blood donation tips:

1) Always eat a banana before giving blood and

2) Eat your free snack and have your drink before you give blood!

Most, I repeat, most, of the time this keeps me from passing out.  Today, not so much  lol

Lucky for me though, a co-worker friend and I pretty much passed out together.  If you’re gonna pass out, it’s always better with a friend!  After we recovered, we decided that we had eaten breakfast and our bananas too early.  Our appointment wasn’t until 12:30 and we didn’t squeeze lunch in there.  Next time, we are going to meet for a good breakfast, lunch and then have a banana and snack right before!  That ought to do it, but even if it doesn’t, with the sudden onset of sweat, nausea and dizziness, it’s a small price to pay to help safe a life!

American Red Cross

Wasn’t my best blood donation day, but with the help of my “pass out” friend, we made it through!  You will too…

This week, the American Red Cross is reaching out to local and national media with an alert that there is a severe blood shortage. Patients need you now. Hurricanes Florence and Michael forced thousands of donations to go uncollected, impacting patients nationwide.
As we take time this week to honor our military veterans – people who have gone above and beyond to give back – we ask you to serve others by giving blood. We’ve got a friend who knows the importance of blood donation and military service.
She’s a veteran, blood recipient, and mother. If not for donors like you, Vanessa might not be here today.
Shortly after giving birth in 2013, Vanessa began to hemorrhage. Rushed to emergency surgery, she received five blood product transfusions to survive. Today she’s a healthy mom.
Your donation could help save someone like Vanessa. Please schedule your appointment this week.
    Schedule Now    
P.S. Medical emergencies don’t stop for the holidays. Get a free long-sleeved Red Cross T-shirt when you come to donate Nov. 21-24, while supplies last!* Make it a family affair – bring your loved ones to donate, and they’ll get a T-shirt too.
Upcoming opportunities to give blood near you:
Southgate Baptist Church
104 Cloniger Drive,Thomasville,27360
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Sponsor Code: Southgate
Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers
4106 Brian Jordan pl,High Point,27261
1:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Sponsor Code: Freddy’s
St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
303 Eastchester Drive,High Point,27262
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Sponsor Code: St Christopher’s


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