American Red Cross

American Red Cross

It’s the least we can do…#GiveNow

My blood donation tips:

1) Always eat a banana before giving blood and

2) Eat your free snack and have your drink before you give blood!

Most, I repeat, most, of the time this keeps me from passing out.  Today, not so much  lol

Lucky for me though, a co-worker friend and I pretty much passed out together.  If you’re gonna pass out, it’s always better with a friend!  After we recovered, we decided that we had eaten breakfast and our bananas too early.  Our appointment wasn’t until 12:30 and we didn’t squeeze lunch in there.  Next time, we are going to meet for a good breakfast, lunch and then have a banana and snack right before!  That ought to do it, but even if it doesn’t, with the sudden onset of sweat, nausea and dizziness, it’s a small price to pay to help safe a life!

American Red Cross

Wasn’t my best blood donation day, but with the help of my “pass out” friend, we made it through!  You will too…

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