30 Years & 30 Pounds Ago

30 Years & 30 Pounds Ago

30 Years & 30 Pounds Ago

It was the late 1980’s…

Peach & blue were the “in” colors.  Lace was everywhere.  Big hair, neon, “Let’s get Physical”, Rick James, Lionel Ritchie, Prince, “Thriller”, Michael Jackson, big glasses, dance clubs… Fun times, but the best of times were just beginning…

May 14, 1988, 30 years and 30 pounds ago, we became husband and wife.

The weather was much the same, extremely hot for May, but such a beautiful day. Other things, not quite so similar as that day. Some better, some worse…

Me: TINY waistline, hair colors, jobs, death of friends, loss of my Mom
Him: Baseball thighs, hair, jobs, death of friends, loss of his Mom
3 nieces, 4 nephews
1 condo, 4 houses
3 kittens, 16 cats, down to 1 cat
2 dogs, down to 1 dog
About 12 cars
Many birthdays, heart breaking losses, celebrations, wonderful friends, volleyball games, girl’s and boy’s basketball games, cross country track meets, golf matches, Daddy and team coaching sessions, team prayers, lake visits, beach visits, laughter and tears, etc…

Then the BEST TWO THINGS that ever happened in this marriage were 26 and 24 years ago. What a wonderful blessing that little baby girl and boy have been to us and continue to be as young adults.

Life is very different before and after babies, before and after elementary school, then high school, college, before and after CPA exams, before and during Dental School, and then your children’s adulthood.

But, I swear, every stage of life with them just gets better and better just as every stage of our marriage. I’m not saying it has all been or will be a “bed of roses”, we are both pretty hard headed at times. Well, at least he is. (This is my blog and I’ll tell the story the way I see it. Lol) but seriously, I feel so blessed to have watched him become an adult, then a father and now a supportive friend to our children and to have so much love, respect, friendship, and happiness in this family.

Right now, I’m loving this song by Jason Aldean, “You Make it Easy” because my hubby really does and I’m pretty certain that there are ALOT of times that I don’t make it easy for him to do just that…


Will you raise your glass and share a toast to a happy 30 years of marriage and many more?  Thanks for celebrating with us!!!

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