Laundry Sucks

Friends, I just have to say it, “Laundry Sucks”!  To me, there is absolutely nothing fun or rewarding about doing laundry.  Now, for some reason, there was a short little time in my very young life, like around 8-10, where I loved to iron.  While now I don’t even consider ironing a part of laundry, back in the day, it was the most important part.   Yes, we even ironed sheets and pillowcases and that was my job.  There was something nice about the clean smell, the steam hissing and watching those wrinkles disappear.  But, like most people, life started getting busier for people and ironing just didn’t seem like a priority anymore.  I risk embarrassment by admitting that I can’t remember the last time I pulled my iron out of the cabinet.  Usually, a quick spray of water and a toss in the dryer does the trick as good as I feel it needs to be done!  Any wrinkles left, a friend of mine used to say when she got to work, could be attributed to “riding wrinkles”.

Unfortunately, the washing, drying, folding, putting up parts, are still pretty much a necessity. Even though it still sucks, I’m hoping these little tips that I’ve learned along the way will help you to at least make it a little easier to tolerate a very mundane chore!

  • Borax is the bomb!  You know that sour smell that your towels have even after they come out of the wash?  Well, wash your towels and washcloths separate from your other laundry,  add detergent then add a couple small scoops of Borax.  You won’t believe the difference this makes in the freshness.  I mean, if you have to do this tedious chore, you certainly want your towels to come out smelling better than they did before you washed them.
  • Lint removing may be an aggravating task, but it is totally, absolutely necessary after each load is removed from the dryer.  Now, I prefer not to use my hands because the lint sticks to my fingers and I always seem to leave some behind.  The most convenient way I have found to remove the lint is to grab the used dryer sheet from the load of clothes you just removed and use it to wipe the lint basket clean.  Double duty use of the dryer sheets!
Laundry Room Shelves
Laundry Room
  • Detergent dispensing to avoid lifting the giant Costco container and also elimating that blue sticky drip!  I have two suggestions and they both work equally well. It’s just according to your laundry room situation.  My favorite way to dispense liquid laundry detergent is to pour the detergent into a glass beverage server, or you just use the container, and place it on a shelf or just inside a cabinet right above the washer.  Using the measuring cup provided, start filling with detergent and counting the seconds until it gets to the amount you normally use.  Which brings me to the second suggestion right in the middle of this one.  Lol. To prevent the blue sticky drip from the measuring container, just throw it in with the load of wash. It comes out nice and clean.  Note that if you use the first suggestion, you won’t even have to deal with the measuring cup again!  Now back to suggestion #1. With your container positioned right above, open the spout and let the detergent flow into the washer as you count the seconds you determined above.  Perfect measurement without the messy cup and heavy lifting!

  • The Mystery of the Lost Sock!  This didn’t use to bother me too much.  I grew up with my grandfather owning a hosiery mill, then my dad, then eventually, my husband and I.  So, socks were always in abundance at our house. I’m sure we contributed a good many to the lost sock farm without hardly missing them. But eventually, times changed.  Production was lost to overseas manufacturers and we no longer had the sock mill to help keep our feet warm or keep food on the table, for that matter.  (I’ll save that story for another day).  We had two small children and I’ll tell you, when we had to start buying our own socks, we started paying alot more attention to keeping the pairs together!  Now, I will certainly not claim that I have figured out where all of these “onesie” socks are hiding out, but I have come up with a “sock buddy” system that has reduced the number of lost “soles” in my house.


Train your family that whenever or wherever they take off their socks, they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, roll them together, fold them together or stick one inside the other. Whatever it takes so that when they get to the hamper (ok, maybe the floor, car, cracks of the couch), but wherever they are removed, they are together.  I know you are thinking that your socks aren’t going to get clean all stuffed together and you would be correct. But, here’s the good and bad news. The bad news first. Who does the wash?  If you are reading this, I’m betting YOU do it and I would also bet that nobody else in your house ever does it except you.  Now the good news. This means the “sock buddy” system should easily work at your house because you are in control.  Just pull the socks apart, throw in the washing machine at the same time and know that they are together and safe.  A lot of people think washing machines and dryers are monsters that eat socks, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.  My theory is that both socks don’t make it into the washing machine at the same time because they get shuffled around in a bag or hamper and although everything is eventually washed and dried, since they didn’t start out together, they may not come out together and they miss the match up. After this, anything can happen to a lost sock in a laundry room.  Or you may be right and the sock monster fills his belly.  

But just think…If you start “sock buddy” training from birth, your kids will be ready to train their kids and so on & so on.  It is quite possible that we could irradicate lost onesie socks all together in our lifetime!

  • And last but not least. You are going to be tired after picking up clothes, reminding kids about the “sock buddy” system, washing, drying, folding, maybe ironing & putting up clothes.  So, my advice to you, as I’ve learned from starting on my chores with lots of energy and wearing down way too soon, is to wash your towels and washcloths last. (Don’t forget the Borax).  Saving these until last, leaves the easiest items to fold and put away. And, if by chance you don’t muster up the strength to fold and put them away until the next day, the wrinkles won’t give you away!

I believe that we need to start making things easier on ourselves so we can use that little bit of extra time and energy to do something we enjoy.  Life is short, my friends.  Don’t waste it away on mindless cleaning and chores when a few shortcuts won’t even be noticed!

If you have any laundry tips or shortcuts, I would love for you to share them with us in the comments below.

Happy Laundering!




Easy Cricut Dimensional Project

EatHello friends!

I was playing around with my Cricut Explore the other day and wanted to try something new.  The Cricut Explore is not designed to cut wood like the new Cricut Maker even though it will cut some thin balsa wood and cardboard. However, even with the deep cut blade, I haven’t had much luck with the heavier materials and usually end up cutting part of the design with the utility knife.  So, I wanted to find a way to create some dimension in my projects without the extra manual cutting.

After a few flops and experiments, this project turned out great, super easy and really quick to make.  I figured if I could help you create your own easy dimensional project and inspire you to create other projects using this technique, it was “blog” worthy.  Get ready…set…go…done!  It’s that easy and super cheap!

  • Grab a scrap piece of black vinyl
  • Set dial to “Vinyl”
  • Cut
  • Weed excess vinyl then press clear contact paper onto cut vinyl.
  • Rub and and lift letters with contact paper.Using same cut pattern:
  • Select a piece of white craft foam.  The one I used had adhesive on the back, which is really cool.
  • Set your dial to “Custom”, find “Craft Foam” in the list, then choose “More” pressure.
  • Cut
  • Weed excess craft foam

  • Take black letters attached to clear contact paper and place on top of white craft foam letters.  Be sure to offset slightly to the right so white edge shows behind black letters. Remember, the whole idea behind this post is to learn how to create depth to our projects.
  • Rub with “rubbing thingy” (not sure what it’s called, lol) or a credit card will work just as well.
  • Remove clear paper slowly making sure letters stay attached to craft foam.

  • All that’s left to do is to take a frame, remove fake people picture
  • Peel and attach “eat” letters directly to glass/plastic cover or glue them if you didn’t use adhesive craft foam


Now, if aren’t into the minimalistic brown cardboard background or you want to change the background for the season, etc., easy peasy!  Just insert a piece of scrapbook paper or whatever you like, into the picture frame.  That’s the beauty of putting the letters on the front and not inside the frame.

I know you are thinking that’s a lot of instructions for a simple project like this and you would be correct. It took way more time describing the project than the project takes to make, for certain.  I wrestled through the mistakes first, then took the time to write out the easiest steps for you so you could just jump in and create your own dimensional project in very little time.

I would LOVE to see your projects trying out this technique!

30 Years & 30 Pounds Ago

30 Years & 30 Pounds Ago

It was the late 1980’s…

Peach & blue were the “in” colors.  Lace was everywhere.  Big hair, neon, “Let’s get Physical”, Rick James, Lionel Ritchie, Prince, “Thriller”, Michael Jackson, big glasses, dance clubs… Fun times, but the best of times were just beginning…

May 14, 1988, 30 years and 30 pounds ago, we became husband and wife.

The weather was much the same, extremely hot for May, but such a beautiful day. Other things, not quite so similar as that day. Some better, some worse…

Me: TINY waistline, hair colors, jobs, death of friends, loss of my Mom
Him: Baseball thighs, hair, jobs, death of friends, loss of his Mom
3 nieces, 4 nephews
1 condo, 4 houses
3 kittens, 16 cats, down to 1 cat
2 dogs, down to 1 dog
About 12 cars
Many birthdays, heart breaking losses, celebrations, wonderful friends, volleyball games, girl’s and boy’s basketball games, cross country track meets, golf matches, Daddy and team coaching sessions, team prayers, lake visits, beach visits, laughter and tears, etc…

Then the BEST TWO THINGS that ever happened in this marriage were 26 and 24 years ago. What a wonderful blessing that little baby girl and boy have been to us and continue to be as young adults.

Life is very different before and after babies, before and after elementary school, then high school, college, before and after CPA exams, before and during Dental School, and then your children’s adulthood.

But, I swear, every stage of life with them just gets better and better just as every stage of our marriage. I’m not saying it has all been or will be a “bed of roses”, we are both pretty hard headed at times. Well, at least he is. (This is my blog and I’ll tell the story the way I see it. Lol) but seriously, I feel so blessed to have watched him become an adult, then a father and now a supportive friend to our children and to have so much love, respect, friendship, and happiness in this family.

Right now, I’m loving this song by Jason Aldean, “You Make it Easy” because my hubby really does and I’m pretty certain that there are ALOT of times that I don’t make it easy for him to do just that…


Will you raise your glass and share a toast to a happy 30 years of marriage and many more?  Thanks for celebrating with us!!!

Target Beauty Box

Awesome, Inexpensive Treat for Your

Perfectly, Imperfect Self or a

Perfectly, Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

April Target Beauty Box
Right after Christmas, I was browsing the online sale items at Target and came across this little Beauty Box. I had purchased 3 month subscriptions from Birchbox for two of my nieces as Christmas presents, so this caught my attention.  I love to try new products but didn’t want to commit to a subscription for myself. It was only $7.00, free shipping and 5% discount by using my Target REDCard.  Why not give it a try?


It arrived in a cute little box and I couldn’t wait to open it up!  Inside, the samples were wrapped in blue tissue paper and a card enclosed said, “HELLO STAYCAY.”  Boy, this is just what I needed after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  I finished opening the tissue and found seven really awesome sample products.


Immediately, I tried out the Cover Girl Melting Pout 110, which was a nice, natural looking matte pink.  Then I tried the Nexxus Humectress Hydrating Masque which I needed desperately. With hair color and a perm before Christmas, my curls were frizzy and dry.  I have to say that I could tell a BIG difference in my hair texture after using this masque and I only used about a third of the pack at each use.   Much softer curls and no frizz!


Then I used the Pretty Animalz Tiger Sheet Masque on my face.  I really wish I would have taken a picture.  It was hilarious!  If you’re going to wear a masque for 20 minutes, you might as well look like a tiger and kill that time running around the house scaring your family (and your dog). Sorry, Bayli. I’d say that 20 minutes was well spent, especially after I peeled the Tiger Masque off and my face felt fresh, dewy and soft.


March Beauty Box
As you can see above, I opened the hair masque and used the tiger masque before I thought about sharing this “treat myself” gift with you guys. I had no idea how much I was going to like the products or certainly, I would have planned to share from the get-go!  
I can’t wait to try the rest of the goodies and will certainly be looking forward to treating myself, and maybe some friends to many more Target Beauty Boxes.  I need all the beauty help I can afford!

If you love experimenting with new products, try a Target Beauty Box today!  

April Beauty Box 


Don’t forget to use your Target REDcard for a 5% discount and free shipping.  The debit card is great because the payment comes from your bank account, not a credit card account. 

Don’t have a Target REDcard?

Click here for more info about your Target 5% Discount plus Free Shipping

Have fun playing with your new samples and let me know which ones are your favorites!

ConvertKit 30 Day Kick Starter




What’s Your Something?


Blogging is my “Something.”  What’s Yours? 

 Have you ever had that feeling?  You know, that “something.” That “something” that starts nagging at you and just won’t stop. I’m pretty certain you have, even if you’ve never acted on it.

 That “something” is your passion! 

It’s always there, but may not always be the same. It changes with you as your life changes. Over the years, you have probably missed some opportunities because you didn’t acknowledge that it existed.  Hopefully, I can encourage you to act on those nagging little tugs at your heart. This is how you find your passion.  Haven’t  you already missed too many “somethings?”

To be honest, recently, well, ok, since forever, I have been looking for “something”…”Like writing a blog, you might ask?  Why on earth would anyone want to write a blog?”  No, not by a long shot. I didn’t even know what a blog was until about six months ago when I started following a few cool craft blogs on Pinterest.

 I had no idea “what”, but I was looking for “something.”  “What is it that keeps nagging at me? What do I really enjoy doing?”

For you to understand better, allow me share some background information. (Make yourself a note to think about your own background when trying to appease that little nag).  Ok, I have been enjoyed crafting for most of my life, as a hobby, not a career. That is what I enjoyed doing, besides work and taking care of my family. Selling at little craft shops, festivals, consignment stores, home shows and Etsy. You name it, made “that” and tried to sell it, “there.” Lol.  Still have rooms full of craft supplies to prove it. (Coming soon, post about craft room clean out, hopefully).

Disorganized craft room
Craft Supply Explosion

It was fun, most of the time, but I was too slow and too particular to produce enough pieces to even pay the rental fees most of the time. I started getting frustrated and stressed out instead of enjoying the process of creating.

So, I decided to give up crafting, except for making some items for my own home and maybe a few gifts for my friends. No more pressure to create and sell. Fast forward six months… “How many craft projects do I need in my house and my children’s homes and how many handmade gifts can I respectfully, give away to friends?”  The answer was easy, not many more!

If this “minimal crafting and not selling” was cluttering up my house and this “something” was still nagging at me, I had to figure out what I was being called to do now.

After I started reading the craft blogs, I started researching and the more I researched, the more it seemed like blogging might be a good fit for me.  I’ve always liked to write. I can use my creativity by writing and designing (which, I have started to realize, for a blog, is much harder than it looks), I can learn something new, which is exciting, and possibly, one day, generate a small income for my work. But, the main reason I chose to start a blog is that I truly enjoy helping people and see this as an opportunity to do just that. Now, I’m not talking about big help, like a doctor or accountant, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science to be helpful to others. I’m talking about little bits of help, here, there and anywhere I can,  but nonetheless, help.

I enjoy sharing products that work well for me, possibly a few crazy household tips, a small, quick craft idea or anything that might make someone’s life just a tad bit easier or happier.  And, although I am a real newbie and this blogging thing is a bit more challenging than I imagined, it’s also fun and rewarding exploring this little “something.” 

So, right now, I ask you to please start taking the time,

even little bits of time, to figure out what

“something” is calling your name.

Then, GO FOR IT!  

It might not be the first thing you try, or the second, but every step is progressing you towards your “something.”  Your “something” should be your passion, but it does not have to be the thing that makes you a living. You can have a job and a passion!  How about that?

If you are feeling that tug, wanting to go for it, but don’t know where to start exploring, let me offer a few suggestions:

• Read magazines that you enjoy. You may be drawn to an article that peaks your interest.

• Talk to friends. What are they doing? Maybe you’re just longing for a ladies’ night out every now and then.  For example, recently, I went to a “Bring your own Wine & Macrame’ Class” with a great bunch of lady friends. It was a blast, but just so you know, Macrame’ is very difficult after a glass of wine or two.  Needless to say, my Macrame’ wall hanging did not end up looking like the model and I’m pretty sure it’s not my “something”!  However, I tried a new craft and it was tons of fun.  Lol

Wine & Macrame’
Wine & Macrame’ Don’t Mix
Macrame’; harder than it looks
Can’t I just buy the sample?

• Think about things you used to enjoy doing. What were your interests pre-motherhood or pre-marriage, pre-adulthood?

• Pinterest, of course!

• At work, focus on figuring out parts of the job you enjoy & parts you dislike.

And last, but hopefully not least, “Let’s be Friends”

No, I won’t force you to blog, or even write, unless you want me too, but I will show you how to do some quick craft projects, neat ways to organize your photos, and make easy party decorations using your Cricut. If you don’t have a Cricut, maybe you’ll get inspired to buy one.

I will share an eclectic array of ADHD ridden, sporadic ideas & projects.  Kind of like they say in the South, “Hey, ya’ll, watch this!”

I will share stories, freebies, feelings, travels…anything I think may be of interest to you, my readers, my friends, because my greatest hope is that a post will peak your interest and inspire you to listen to that little voice, explore new interests and find that “something” that has been nagging, tugging, lurking, in the back of your heart and mind for so long.

We only have “So Many Somedays”.  Let’s not waste another single one!

Start right now.  

Find your “something” and you will find your passion!

P.S. I would love to hear your comments. Have you found your “something”? What is it? Are you feeling that little tug? Are you still exploring your interests?  Keep me posted!

15 minute Easter Wreaths

Do you love for your house to be decorated with

cute holiday and spring decorations, 

but no time for the hassle?


Or, do you not feel like you’ve “done it up” enough without going through the hassle?  Hmmm.  If you’re reading this blog, I’m betting that you are 100% in agreement with the first statement, much like me!  
I’ve done it both ways, and I can truly say that I enjoy the easy decorations just as much as the decorations that I have spent countless hours on in the past.  I want to sit back and enjoy time with my family, not work on fancy decorations the whole time.
In this short post, I’m going to share a quick fix for your front door wreaths.  Keep them close by after Spring, because we are going to be revamping them fairly often for the change in seasons and holidays.

Items Needed:  Easter Ornament, Plastic Easter Eggs, Cardstock, Hot Glue, 1-2 Boxwood Wreaths or Boxwood Garland, Grapevine Wreaths, Spagnum Moss. Optional: Ribbon for bows, Laminating Sheet

Odds are, you already have a Boxwood wreath(s).  If not, it’s worth the purchase.  You can find them priced reasonably at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, A.C. Moore, etc… or do like I did when I didn’t want to pay the price for two wreaths.  Buy two grapevine wreaths, (really cheap, like $3 each), some spagnum moss (couple $’s), and a Boxwood garland (maybe $6-7).  
I’m pretty sure that I did both of these wreaths with one long garland, but if you want it fuller, pick up two garlands. Hot glue the moss onto the grapevine wreath.  Cut garland in half and use wire or hot glue to arrange the Boxwood around the wreath. Add a bow, or not.  
Now you have a generic, simple, but very pretty, Boxwood wreath(s) for your door.  


Then, here comes Easter and you’ve got your nice green wreaths hanging on the front door.  Don’t you want to spruce them up a little for Spring?  Of course, you do, if it’s this easy!


  • Go to the Dollar Store, Dollar General, or Walmart and buy an adorable little chic, like I found below.  It doesn’t have to be a chic, (but he sure is cute)!  You might like a little bunny or a cross, whatever you find that is cute, cheap and speaks to you!  Chirp, chirp…  Use hot glue or wire and stick him on one of your wreaths.  When you take it off later, the hot glue might ruin the little ornament, but that’s why we buy CHEAP!  The glue will peel right off the plastic Boxwood leaves.


Sweet Fluffy Easter Chic     Isn’t he the cutest?


  • Then, pick 2-3, however many you want, plastic Easter Eggs to go on the wreath. As going with my tag line, “creating your best perfectly imperfect self,” I tried a couple of things with the eggs that just didn’t work. Originally, I was going to hot glue them together and then attach to the wreath, but they looked like ‘three eggs glued to each other and stuck on a wreath.” That was a little too imperfect, even for me. Lol. Never fear though, hot glue will peel right off plastic eggs. Note: Let hot glue cool first!

  • Decide where you want them and hot glue straight onto the plastic Boxwood.  I Much better look!

    Pretty Colored Easter Eggs

    Pretty enough, you can stop here or for just a little more hassle…

…you can add some cut outs to the wreaths.

  • If you have a Cricut, design and cut out your words.  If not, print and cut out the free printables on the Freebies page. (Coming soon).  I cut these words out of heavy cardstock.  You can coat them in waterproof Modge Podge or cover with a clear laminating sheet.

I think the words add a lot of “POP!”              

There you have it…Spruced up Easter wreaths with hardly any hassle at all!


P.S.  I’m afraid Peter Cottontail may be missing something. Lol

Declutter Pre-K to 12 School Pictures


“Ugghy” Blue and Faux Rainbow Backdrops

Have you ever wondered what the heck to do with all of those Pre-K to 12th grade school pictures? Mundane and cheesy, yes, but it is YOUR child and it does serve as a fundraiser for the school, so let’s face it, you’re going to buy them. A bunch of them, most likely!

I don’t understand why you can’t buy just one picture instead of packages of 100’s and I can’t imagine who in the world decided that a bright blue background or a fake rainbow looks good hanging on anybody’s living room wall?  Yes, those are our precious babies and they are adorable even with a faux background, but that still doesn’t mean I want them hanging on my wall. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a bad mother, but honestly, I don’t think my kids really want them hanging on the wall either.

So, what do you do with all those pictures?

Well, for about 15 years, I kept them in a nice box. One for each kid, 15 to 100+/- pictures for each year, Pre-K thru 12. Until a couple of months ago, when I decided to clean out the “junk” closet (ok, you know me well enough now, one of the “junk” closets) to make room for my craft supplies that I would be moving to the downstairs closet whenever/if ever, I clean out the craft room upstairs, again! You might be able to relate, it’s a vicious cycle. I plan to write a post about how to clean out a really full closet and reorganize it soon, but I have to figure out how to do that first. Ha, ha!

ADHD moment: My little craft room used to be a craft room, then I cleaned it out to be my husband’s office, then I moved my craft supplies back in there to be a craft room again and somehow, they just took over the space. Craft supplies just seem to have a way of doing this to a room, a house, a barn or all of the above! Lol. Good luck with this, right? Another project for another day.

Now back to the school photos. The first thing that I thought of when I found these boxes was that I couldn’t even remember how long it had been since I had opened them up. And secondly, after I opened them, why in the world did I think I needed to buy and keep all of these photos of the same child, same pose, same old blue background? I mean, you can only get away with giving so many of them as Christmas gifts. Lol.

So, this is what I decided to do. I took all the pictures out and sorted them into piles by each child, then by school year (x 2, twice a year). Oh my gosh, I had forgotten that they take school pictures twice a year. Really, how much does a kid change in six months once they are in kindergarten? But anyway, I then started the process of photo elimination.

Step by Step Easy to Follow Plan:
  • Pull one 8×10 picture from each photo session
  • Take a picture of the photo with your cell phone
  • Send to an album on your phone
  • Cut out 2-3 wallet pics in case they want to give to their kids one day
  • Cut a 2×3 or 5×7 for each of the other siblings. Nice to have if they ever want to blackmail their brothers or sisters
  • Place the 8×10 and wallets in a large envelope
  • Do this for each school year
  • Toss envelope of photos into a storage tote.  Stick a label on the side with their name and L👀k at that!  You have just created a Memory Tote for your children that they can take with them when they leave home.  

Presto, magico!   They have photos from every school year (x 2) and you have eliminated your school picture clutter!

For both kids, this took me about an hour. It was quick, super decluttering and so refreshing to accomplish! Easy access. No more digging through photo albums or boxes.  And, I don’t think there is a better way to embarrass your children than by sharing their school photos with your grandchildren. Lol.


Now, my long-range plan is to upload the photos that I saved on my phone to Chatbooks and create one book with all of their pictures together. I think it’ll be so cool to flip thru the book and see the changes from year to year, all in one place! Don’t hold your breath, but I’ll keep you posted on this progress.

I guess if I was really serious about decluttering, I’d just make a Chatbook for each child and they wouldn’t have any photo clutter either. You could snap the photos, eliminate all the steps above, toss all the pictures and just create the books. Truth is, I’m not sure I could throw away ALL of the cute little stinker’s school pictures.  However, I CAN put them in THEIR boxes so that one day they will be the ones dealing with their own clutter and I won’t have a guilty conscience about tossing all of their school pictures in the trash. Lol

Remember: Snap a quick photo, save a couple for the Memory Tote and toss the rest!!!  No guilt!

If you declutter your kid’s school pictures, I’d love to hear how it turns out!

February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Quickie


Now, now, get your head out of the gutter.

We’re talking Valentine decorations, here! 

I’m almost embarrassed to show you how quick and simple these little decorating ideas are, but that’s what I am about, quick and easy. There you go again, head in the gutter!

We don’t have a big Valentine’s Day party, so I don’t see any reason to spend a lot of time decorating the house. However, I enjoy having a little holiday decor around for our own personal pleasure. It just makes me happy!

Decorative Heart Tags

In the picture above, I just took patterned pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out hearts with a hole on one side.  I used my Cricut, but truly, how hard is it to cut out a heart and punch a hole? Then I cut a piece of twine and threaded through the hole in the heart.

You can spruce up your table so many ways with these Valentine patterned hearts.

  • String the heart and tie around your mug handles.
  • Tie the twine in a bow and lay the heart on your plates.
  • String the twine through the hole and tie a knot, then stick the heart in the middle of your napkin ring.
  • Pull the string through the hole and tie around your pretty napkin.  (Can even use a paper napkin).  

I think you can handle these quick, but festive and pretty decorations, very easily!

Hand-Inked Napkins

Make your own hand-inked napkins. I promise, you can do this.  Buy plain white or off white muslin.  It’s very cheap so go ahead and get a couple yards. I’m sure you’ll want to use it to make another set. Measure and cut accurately, or you can do it my way.  Decide about how wide you want the napkins, make a little snip, grab and rip!  I love the sound of ripping fabric. Then snip and rip the size you want and use it to measure, snip and rip the rest.  Lay napkin out and using a rubber stamp and a permanent fabric ink pad, STAMP and BOOM!  Pretty napkins!

There are lots ways you can display your napkins on your table.

  • Lie napkin on top of napkin ring, then push fabric down in the middle of the ring.  Wiggle fabric around until you are happy with the fluffy arrangement.
  • Roll napkin lengthwise towards the middle and slide napkin ring to the middle.
  • Fold napkin over and tie twine in a bow around the middle. (bottom right, first collage)
Your hand-inked napkins will make your table look very impressive.

Mood Lights

Nothing sets a better mood than lighting and the easiest of all decorations, unless you are putting them on a tree, are string lights. I bought the red set 75% off after Christmas. Nice!  And the white lights, well, if you read my blogs, you may remember that I put them up at Christmas and have just enjoyed them so much, I haven’t taken them down. I don’t feel like it has to be a holiday to have mood lighting! Am I wrong?

A Few Extra Touches

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope this post has given you some quick and easy inspiration for your Valentine’s decor (and maybe a few hints for your Valentine as well). Lol.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Everyday!


Go Red for Women®️

National Wear Red Day®️

Friday, 2/2/18

The American Heart Association sponsors National Wear Red Day®️ on the first Friday of every February in order to raise awareness of heart disease in women. By wearing red to promote and support this cause, we can honor loved ones who have suffered heart attacks, strokes or other effects of heart disease, as well as, draw more attention to the risks of  heart disease in women. We should also use this as a reminder to ourselves to have regular physical examinations, eat healthier foods and exercise more in order to protect that part of our body that keeps it all pumping!
Back in my day, well, actually a lot shorter time back than that, Heart Disease was thought to strike mostly men.  With women’s symptoms usually being quite different from what a National Wear Red Day®️ experiences, women were rarely considered targets of heart disease.  Based on these issues, early detection was uncommon, which is “heart breaking” considering that according to the AHA, “80% of cardiovascular diseases maybe preventable with education and action.”  
Many people today still do not realize how vastly this affects women.  The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, in the U.S., states that “Coronary Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States.”  We have to raise awareness about hosw this disease is killing women and that is exactly why we Go Red For Women®️!


 Ladies, Learn your Risk Here

Okay, enough stats and heart disease history. This is where it gets real…


You can read “My Story” below to understand what inspired me to start honoring my mother, Jackie, in February 2009 by participating in Go Red For Women®️.  It wasn’t a big deal.  I just asked co-workers in my area at the community college where I work, to wear red on this day if they wished to participate.  Well, as usual, these amazing people stepped up and we had red hats, red shirts, red dress pins, red fingernails…you get the picture!  Go Red For Women®️ throughout the office!
We continue this tradition every year with more people on campus coming over to our offices showing off their red attire in support.  We try to have fun whatever we are doing, so one year we put a red dress with white polka dots on a headless mannequin and took turns having our heads photographed with the mannequin body. Last year, we made a simple photo booth by hanging a big, red tablecloth with white hearts on the wall.  We let everyone write the names of people they “Go Red” for, on the hearts and took pictures in front of it using funny props.  
The tradition has extended off campus to our friends, friends of friends, family members and the community. On this day, all day, I receive selfies and group pictures of people in their red attire.  Some are supporting me, some remembering my mother.  Most have had a friend or family member touched by heart disease.  Whatever the reason they choose to participate, they are helping bring awareness about heart disease in women to more and more people.  

When I send out the Go Red For Women®️ email reminder every year about this time, “My Story” is attached for any new employees or in case anyone wants to share it with their friends and family.  My mother was truly an inspiration to anyone that knew her.  I have missed her every day of the past 12 years and will continue to miss her always.
Won’t you please Go Red For Women®️ with me on Friday, February 2nd and proudly help raise awareness about heart disease in women?  It could save a life!  You are very special and deserve a HAPPY HEALTHY HEART!

 Free Shipping @ Target. 


My Story

My mother had her first heart attack when she was 36.  I was in the 5th grade.  She lost an entire artery and was told that she could not go back work.  She was disabled…
As a child, that did not mean much to me, except that, my mother was sick and couldn’t do a lot of the things that she used to do.  She had been working as a teacher/librarian, going to school to get her Master’s Degree in Education, looking forward to a bright career ahead, as well as being a wife and active mother of two young girls.   As I got closer to that age, and then even more when I passed it, I realized how young she was and how life-altering that must have been for her.
She survived another heart attack when she was about 50 and because of her determination, lived a very full life even though her heart was only pumping at about 10% capacity.  She dedicated herself totally to her family and friends instead of focusing on her illness.
On Feb. 6, 2006, she collapsed at a middle school basketball game, was taken to the hospital by ambulance and died two days later, on February 8, 2006 of congestive heart failure.
With National Wear Red Day®️ occurring the first Friday of every February, I thought this would be an awesome way to honor her for being so strong and persevering, when I know she hardly had the energy to get up every morning.
At her celebration of life, we played a song that was very special to her, “I Hope You Dance” by Leann Rimes. I hope that the next time you hear this song, you will think about her and remember that life is short.  You must dance, live fully, laugh much, love, pray, enjoy your friends and take care of yourself!


If you have a story you wish to share, please feel free to comment.


February is American Heart Month and as much as we need to promote heart health in women, we care about our men’s heart health as well. This article by the Center for Disease Control is certainly worth the read.
Link: Strong Men put their Heart Health First

Fixer Upper B&B – The Beautiful Hillcrest Estate

Hello to all you ‘Fixer Upper” fans!

In one of my first posts, I gave you a glimpse of our second trip to Waco, Texas in October 2017 and promised to share more photos of the trip. Well, sorting through the pictures, I was reminded that I took quite a few!  So, please sit back, relax and join me as I take you to the amazing Hillcrest Estate.  This is the beautiful entrance to Hillcrest Estate, the second B&B that Chip and Joanna renovated. This one is actually located in Waco, whereas Magnolia House is in McGregor. The Estate opened in 2017 and reservations are available twice a year when they open the reservation lines. Just make sure you pick someone with persistence to dial and redial and redial since fans from all over the country will be trying at the same time to book a stay at Hillcrest Estate. With some luck, and a sister with a quick dialing finger, like I had, hopefully, you will get through before all of the dates are booked.

As soon as you walk in the front door, you know it, you feel it, they’ve done it again and in a big way! You feel welcome and at home immediately. In the foyer, there is a round table with a Guest Log, scented candle, large bottle of water, Magnolia store discount cards for all guests and a note from Chip and Jo.The living room is open and bright but also very cozy & inviting. They’ve built an entertainment center using old doors, covered a wooden chair with soft new fabric (top left) and hung blankets on a ladder for your snuggling pleasure. The dining room (top right) seats 10 at the long, black wooden table. The bookshelves are full of white dishes, pitchers, candlesticks, cake stands and books. I promise, you never get tired of just wandering around this house checking out the details. The middle right picture is the poker room.  It is a dark grayish/blue, has its own fireplace and a large old map framed and hung on the wall. Bottom right is a sitting area in the downstairs master bedroom. Magnolia notepad and pen placed on the table for your convenience, of course.I honestly don’t know how many bedrooms there are. I guess I could count them from my pictures, but anyway, all of the many bedrooms are amazing! The collage above shows the first bedroom to the right as you walk in the front door. It has a fireplace with remote control gas logs, a desk, bookshelves and the coziest bed covers and blankets ever. This is true for all of the beds in Hillcrest Estate!

This is the Master Bedroom, however, it’s really hard not to call all of the bedrooms “Master’s”! A beautiful 4 poster king size bed (OMG, comfy), bottled “Magnolia” water, chocolate truffles, and Wifi password at your fingertips. Then, the master bath… The granite countertop, double sinks, subway tile, two headed shower with bench seating, are all impressive, but THIS tub…It must be three feet deep (middle left).  Again, all the details, towels, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap at your fingertips in the glass door linen closet.  The toiletries are Bigelow Peppermint and Lavender. When I smell the leftover lotion I stingily use at home, it brings back that Magnolia ambience all over again.So cute! This is the entrance to the upstairs bathroom. I could get used to seeing that every morning, couldn’t you?More bedroom and bathroom pictures. Are you tired of looking at pictures? I didn’t think so. Lol. So many wonderful nooks and crannies filled with decorating inspiration!Another sitting/reading area, more pics of dining room table and fireplace.Now, this is really a smart use of kitchen space. The oven is located in the brick divider wall, which is cool, but my favorite part is that here are inverted shelves built into the brick wall on both sides of the oven. These hold coffee, flavored syrups, spices, etc…anything you need while you are cooking. I love this!

Then there’s the back yard. Simply peaceful. A fire pit with rocking chairs ready to warm your hands in the evening and a quaint chapel built with old glass windowed doors, complete with a concrete bench where you can sit and watch the birds, think, pray or just be grateful.

And last, little, but not least, is this adorable playhouse. Covered front porch, window boxes planted with trailing greenery, and dinner bell hanging by the door. Walk in and notice a lovely pattern on the ceramic tile floors, wood shelving, and the cutest ceramic sink with actual running water. 
What child, or adult for that matter, wouldn’t love to hang out in this precious little house?  Unless, of course, you have the opportunity to stay in the big house. Lol. 

I just can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at Hillcrest Estate and how much we appreciated all the details that were handled by the wonderful caretakers.  Chip and Jo obviously put their heart into preserving the history of this old house built in 1903 by updating the decor but maintaining the original style of the home, like they do so well!

I hope you enjoyed my little virtual tour of the Hillcrest Estate.  Stay tuned for more pics and info on Magnolia Silos, Waco tours and restaurants that we visited on our trip to Waco, Texas.

Enjoyed having you visit the Hillcrest Estate with me!

Free shipping at Target